Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Actor Steven Segal Sued for driving Tank into home killing puppy

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and actor Steven Seagal, filming his A&E reality show "Lawman," used a SWAT tank and other armored vehicles in a residential neighborhood to bust a man accused of cockfighting.

As a "Lawman" crew filmed the raid Monday, deputies serving a search warrant blew out the suspect's windows and leveled his gate, frightening neighbors. Jesus Llovera, who was convicted last year of attending a cockfight but has no record of owning weapons, was arrested on charges of suspected cockfighting.

So much for animal cruelty. It turns out, of course, that Seagal was just joining the ranks of reality TV stars, blending the line between reality and television, and the line between entertainment and justice. And now he’s being sued to the tune of $100,000 by Llovera, who is also demanding a written apology from Seagal to his children for killing their puppy.


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